App is created to help those who want to allure the right person in their life. People can communicate with team and discuss anything they want.

We believe that everyone is deserving of love. We also believe that attracting the right person is a journey that begins with you. We want to help you uncover what makes you Doteworthy. With our app, you can easily communicate with our team.

You can do secure messaging, any file sharing, video conferencing with us.

Working process

Companies & Startups we have worked with

  • Recognize and support startups for further
  • Cycling clothing brand
Blue Flammingo
  • Pool Services Copmany
  • Health care services, accumulate data of clinic patient for futher use.
  • Grocery app, help local retailers to reach more customers and customer can easily find availabel items in nearby stores.
Accu Holdings
  • Investing in Technology & Management Consulting firm
Nezz Inc
  • A promising startups company, currently focsuing on a social app