For client, We have redesigned this app for more appealing and aesthetic look.

This super intelligent Chat Bot will answer all your questions on diabetes prevention supported by published research insights through self-learning technology by Artificial Intelligence (AI).
BUD.D can be your ally and guide towards better understanding of a healthy lifestyle to prevent and manage diabetes.
So take your journey with BUD.D now and see your health change for the better

Working process

Companies & Startups we have worked with

  • Recognize and support startups for further
  • Cycling clothing brand
Blue Flammingo
  • Pool Services Copmany
  • Health care services, accumulate data of clinic patient for futher use.
  • Grocery app, help local retailers to reach more customers and customer can easily find availabel items in nearby stores.
Accu Holdings
  • Investing in Technology & Management Consulting firm
Nezz Inc
  • A promising startups company, currently focsuing on a social app