An award that recognizes individuals who have carried out projects that benefit their community.

This is an internal management app provides a centralized platform for administrators to manage team and it’s activities and ensure seamless communication within the organization. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, administrators can easily manage events, workshops, and team members to drive the success of their organization.

Working process

Companies & Startups we have worked with

  • Recognize and support startups for further
  • Cycling clothing brand
Blue Flammingo
  • Pool Services Copmany
  • Health care services, accumulate data of clinic patient for futher use.
  • Grocery app, help local retailers to reach more customers and customer can easily find availabel items in nearby stores.
Accu Holdings
  • Investing in Technology & Management Consulting firm
Nezz Inc
  • A promising startups company, currently focsuing on a social app